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Probate & Trust Litigation Clients:

- You can find attorneys anywhere. Finding one you can trust and feel comfortable with, not so easy. My sister and I were having a difficult time with my father's Trust and two of our siblings. After speaking with Marc, I was looking forward to meeting him. Not only did he make us feel comfortable, but he took his time to explain many matters to us in "layman" terms. Never getting frustrated or annoyed at the repetitive phone calls, questions and emails. I truly appreciated how rapid his responses were. If I called or emailed him, I knew I'd hear back from him usually the same day. I have some other legal issues coming up shortly; there's not a doubt in my mind who I'll be calling! Thanks Marc, you're the best!!!

- I had a tough trust case Marc had to go up against 3 others very good lawyers and held his own. The moron that originally made the trust left a lot of loop holes in it that were exploited by a unscrupulous step uncle. I know Marc would not have made such a shoddy document. I wish my father went to him to make the trust in the first place. He was also very fair with his price. Be careful who you hire to make your trust or will as these documents can be very tricky and are not always what they seam. And be very careful of a revocable trust with a contract NOT to revoke. It is a hybrid that can open Pandora's box of Litigation. Also read about inheritance hijacking You wont believe it can happen in America But trust when I tell you it CAN. I would use Marc again any time i needed Estate work done.

- You did a GREAT JOB holding the line and my Dad and I are both grateful. Don't think that lawyer wants to go up against you any time soon. THANK YOU, Shirley

Estate Planning Clients:

- Marc is a very knowledgeable, personable attorney who was very easy to work with. We had to redo our estate documents. Marc provided great advice and best practices, making this a painless but well informed process. His fee was fair and eliminated the "nickel dime" approach. We would highly recommend engaging Marc for his legal expertise.

-  Marc was wonderful to work with. Very down to earth and helped the process go easily and without anxiety! We highly recommend him!

- I retained Mr. Soss to update my Trust and Estate Documents. At our 1st meeting, Mr. Soss quickly assessed the inadequacies in my documents and promised a quick resolution to that and all related issues. True to his word, Mr. Soss contacted me within the agreed upon time frame and set an appointment to review and execute the documents. Note: there was no interim, nor need there of, communication between our 1st meeting and the conclusion of our business. What I thought was going to be a very stressful { and expensive } event in my life, turned out to be just the opposite. Mr. Soss put me at ease immediately and throughout our business event. Business successfully concluded!

- I’m so glad we had you do our estate planning papers in April, 2014.  My husband has Alzheimer’s and is incapacitated so they have been very valuable even though we now live in Texas. Sincerely, Janet

- Marc is very knowledgeable with current estate law and legislation. He is very easy to work with. Not only was he able to help me but also my father and partner. He is a no nonsense lawyer.

- Marc recently did work for me in creating a trust. His charges were very fair, and he did an excellent job. Marc was responsive, accurate, timely, and his fees were quite reasonable. I would highly recommend Marc.

- My wife and I recently used Marc Soss to update our Estate Planning. We own two businesses and Marc did a nice job of preparing all the documents that we would need. My wife was ill at the time and Marc even offered to come to the hospital to have the documents signed. Upon completion he provided us with copies in three different formats to include electronic, a binder and original.

- Thank you for taking the time today to show me the documents and for making sure that everything will be in order with my estate soon. I also want to compliment you on being such an easy person to talk to. I am very grateful and happy that I chose you as my attorney.

- Like us you may be "new" permanent residents of FL and have decided you had better get certain things in order like your will, trust, durable power of attorney, and health directives. We were fortunate in that our son's college roommate, who is now an attorney on that other FL coast, recommend Marc to us. We were completely pleased with Marc's professionalism and his willingness to listen and prepare the documents we needed. You may not be aware, if you are new to FL as we were, that there are some real issues with the state appointing guardians with the power to manage your assets if you don't have the legal documents you need in place. We decided we wanted to be sure that our future was secure and that we would be proactive in protecting ourselves and our heirs. We are sure that you would be wise to take advantage of Marc's expertise. He is very cordial, has a good sense of humor, and wants to be sure that you understand the documents and are prepared for the future.

Probate Clients:

- I'm located in MN and Marc handle everything to a "T".

- My father-in-law died unexpectedly in Jan. of 2012. The attorney he had used in the past for will and estate planning issues had retired. Therefore we needed to quickly retain someone who could help us with administering and closing out the various trusts involved. I contacted several attorneys to discuss our situation and the family decided to engage Marc. He knew exactly what to do on our various issues and prepared the necessary paperwork quickly. He has been responsive, timely and exceedingly helpful in assisting us on various followup issues. My brother-in-law (retired attorney) who worked with Marc on some of these issues was very impressed with Marc's knowledge and his manner in dealing with the bereaved family. Can't say enough good things about Marc.

- Thank you so much!  You will be hearing from us again.  It has been a pleasure working with you, and my mother-in-law still needs her will done, and my husband and I need our trusts updated.  I will call you when they are ready.

Business | Corporate Clients:

- John and I thank you so much for all your was perfect..

Elder Law Clients:

- Marc was kind enough to give my mother free advice over the phone. Mom was concerned about spousal financial responsibility. Marc explained how the law worked in Florida and gave Mom the piece of mind she needed.

- I must say that I would be remiss not to extend my appreciation for your gracious manner in which you have handled the entire matter.

Guardianship Proceeding:

- “The system does have checks and balances, and you have an excellent lawyer in Mr. Soss,” Williams [The Honorable Charles Williams - Circuit Court Judge] told Bous, adding, “Good luck.”

- Recently Marc Soss helped my wife obtain guardianship of her mother . The guardianship was being contested by a family member and the state of Florida . Marc proved in court that my wife was the correct choice to be her mothers guardian . Marc is very knowledgeable on the law . Straight forward and tells you upfront , What to expect . My wife and I would recommend Marc Soss to anyone needing a lawyer with his knowledge and expertise. Thank You again Marc