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IRS Tax Relief from Corrosive Drywall Damage

The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program

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How a Personal Representative Must Deal With Tax Issues

Proper Use of a Qualified Disability Trusts Can Provide Income Tax SavingsOpportunities ROTH Planning Consideration in 2010

Head of Household Defined


The U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Divorce and Military Disability Benefits

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Children of Fallen Warriors Tax Act - ROA Law Review

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Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

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Tax Forgiveness for Deceased Service Members

Mobilization Issues that Affect Service Members and their Employers

Ready to Retire Early? Hear are Your Options.


Different Verbiage to Create a Life Estate

A  Different View of the Meaning of "Per Stirpes"

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Another IRS Win on Personal Liability against the Administrator of an Estate

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Estate Litigants Beware as you can be held Responsible

for an Estate Tax Liability

Whats Mine is Mine and Whats Yours is Yours when it

comes to Property from a Joint Account

When is it too Late to Challenge an Inter-Vivos

Trust Transfer?


Revocable Trust can Provide Asset Protection

Trust in the Future


​​ Electronic Wills—Are They Valid and Enforceable?

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Former Bradenton Businessman Appears in Panama Papers Database

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Navy Reservist Receives Award

2006 Clayton B. Burton Award - Florida Bar

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